"Things are never as bad as first report and never as good as you want them to be."


Executive Coaching

Experienced Professional Member Institute of Management Consultants IMC USA - Coaching experience includes medical professionals, industrial leaders, research scientists, university administrators and professors and upward mobile middle managers. We specialize in transitions and enjoy working in a multi-generational environment. We are trained in the use of the Inscape Publishing's DiSC Behavior Profiles and maintain our own accounts. We also provide group coaching and direction.

Building Affirmative Action Plans

Experienced and up-to-date with expert's knowledge of Federal and State compliance and regulatory matters associated with Affirmative Action Plans. We have worked with and built plans for large international firms, yet enjoy working with those newly formed groups of Government Contractors with just over 50 employees.

OFFCP Compliance

We have over 15 years experience working the tough problems but prefer to create a proactive environment that negates the need for fines or findings. Routinely create 10-15 Affirmative Action Programs annually. We successfully defended the programs on five occasions in OFCCP reviews within the past three years.

Fairwind HR SolutionsCompliance Training

Compliance Training

This is an area where we excel. The training can be one-on-one, small groups or entire staffs; we will tailor our program to meet the client's needs. We teach the Human Resource Certification Institute course to Human Resource Professionals so our material remains current. Our list of topics include Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements, Defense Contract Management Agency and Defense Contract Audit Agency requirements, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Service Contract Act requirements, Family Medical Leave Act requirements, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) requirements, and specific rules and regulations pertaining to the State of Texas. Regarding EEOC Compliance, we can create the policies that foster an environment that promotes diversity and productivity and maintains the integrity of the business while complying with all compliance issues.

Fairwind HR SolutionsHuman Resource Tune Up

Human Resource Tune Up

This is one of our most favorite services. We have made the presentation to the Brazos County Certified Public Accountant Association on more than one occasion; this led to our presentations on Best Hiring Practices and Performance Evaluations being presented to the State of Texas County Tax Assessors at a VG Young Institute of County Government Convention in College Station. The briefings are always updated to include the latest rules and we use real life cases and current news to keep the client’s attention on the topic. This service can also include onsite visits and internal HR audits for I-9 compliance. We recently completed the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) IMAGE program for a contractor in College Station Texas. During the signing ceremony in Houston in June, it was highlighted that only four companies in the entire Gulf Coast region qualified for the certification as an IMAGE partner.

Fairwind HR SolutionsBusiness Ethics

Business Ethics

This is a favorite topic as we break the topic into why and how we practice ethical behavior rather than concentrate on what will happen if we don’t. Presentations typically run a half day and can be tailored to fit specific compliance issues when necessary. We see this area of development as a "best in class" and several of our past and current clients have been designated as one of the 50 Best Companies to Work for in Texas.

Fairwind HR SolutionsAvoiding Sexual Harassment and Exploitation Training

Avoiding Sexual Harassment and Exploitation Training

Presentations have been made in corporate settings throughout the United States. While the topic has evolved over the past 15 years, the basic premises have not changed. Delivery requires a minimum of 2 hours and can be expanded when required. Most recent experience resulted in being designated as a trainer for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas on this subject, in addition to the corporate and educational experience gained from 25 years in the Navy and another 17 years in private industry.

Fairwind HR SolutionsSecurity Management Training

Security Management Training

Serves as a mentor and active member with the Lone Star chapter of the National Classification Management Society (NCMS). Security experience includes 23 years in government service and 12 years in Industrial Security. Consulting services include working with new Defense Contractors to obtain their first Facility Clearance to providing a new set of eyes and ears during self inspections for those groups who have been in the system for some time and want an experienced professional to review their program. We attend NCMS and Defense Security Service (DSS) training programs on a regular basis and have provided our own briefs to these programs as well. Our Brief "The Human Side of Security" has been well received in past presentations. Preparation for the annual review by DSS is our specialty. Thom is an experienced Facility Security Officer (FSO) with over 35 years experience working with classified material and cleared facilities.

Fairwind HR SolutionsHuman Resource Due Diligence

Human Resource Due Diligence

We have participated in successful due diligence missions on over 24 facilities in the past 10 years. While the majority of the facilities were associated with corporate aviation, several were Medical Offices in transition or Information Systems and Small Business Research firms that were appropriate candidates for mergers and acquisitions. We are comfortable working our checklists and conducting interviews in all environments from the board room to the flight line or cubicle.

Fairwind HR SolutionsUnion and Labor Relations

Union and Labor Relations

Experienced in Employee and Labor Relations and Strategic Studies serving as an instructor/facilitator for these Senior Human Resource Professional HRCI course modules. Experience includes serving as the primary negotiator for an extended (two-5 year contracts) agreement with Teamsters Local 542 in San Diego.

Fairwind HR SolutionsUnion Avoidance

Union Avoidance

Served as a facilitator and panel member in Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) training sessions on labor relations. We have participated in Proactive Union Avoidance Programs both as an employer and as a consultant. Experience includes time spent in the manufactured housing industry, the aviation support industry into plane refueling and ship board fuels delivery under the Services Contract Act.

Fairwind HR SolutionsService Contract Arc

Service Contract Act

This area of government oversight, while new to some, is like riding a bicycle to us. We may have learned some of the rules the hard way, but make it a point to ensure that our clients benefit from our lessons learned. Experience includes managing the HR functions for six DOD fueling facilities including Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, Camp Pendleton California and Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

Fairwind HR SolutionsHuman Resource Investigations with Solutions

Human Resource Investigations with Solutions

While not our favorite topic, it is certainly one of the most important. When there is an issue that results in the need for an outside investigation, it is always wise to choose an experienced individual who can sort the facts out from the opinions and come up with a plan that will serve to prevent similar situations from reoccurring in the future. This is where we excel - in finding solutions to your Human Resource needs.

Fairwind HR SolutionsQuality Assurance Development and ISO 9001-2008 Certification

Quality Assurance Development and ISO 9001-2008 Certification

Recently (July 2010) brought a Department of Defense Employer/Client through the entire ISO Certification process from start to finish. The program was ahead of schedule the entire time and received very favorable reviews from the Auditor, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and our DOD clients in the field. Program also required that we become compliant with BAE systems quality management 6 S and LEAN business programs.